Never shot before but always wanted to? Looking to buy your next handgun but would love to try it before you buy it? We offer a great selection of handguns and rifles for you to try as rentals. Most major calibers available in brands such as Sig Sauer, Ruger, and Glock. Or maybe you just always wanted to try a AK-47 or Hi-Point .45 Carbine, we have those too. We are always looking to expand our rental department to new companies so look forward to new and exciting updates. With all of our rentals you must use our range ammo. No customer ammo through the rentals. Rental prices are as followed: 

  • Handgun/Revolvers-$30 per rental
  • Long Guns-$30 per rental

All rentals are semi-auto. If you rent a firearm from us and buy that exact weapon you rented from the sales case, the rental is free.


Our Selection Includes:

Ammunition Brands—MagTech™, Corbon™, CCI™, American Eagle™, Fiocch™, Remington™, PMC™, Federal™, and Winchester™ ammo.

Firearm Brands—Beretta™, Glock™, Sig Sauer™, Taurus™, and Smith & Wesson™ firearms, Magnum Research™.

Accessories— Holsters, gun cleaning kits, scopes, binoculars and knives. Opticals are coming soon.







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